About Me

Hey there!  

I'm Chanelle. I started Sugar Girl as an outlet to motherhood, just as something to do. It has changed, however into this burning desire to change the way we shop. 

Have you ever looked on those major fashion websites and thought "well I don't look like that"...and then thought "Wait...are these clothes even for me?" I have. And its frustrating to say the least. 

Motherhood changed my body in ways I never imagined it would, but what changed most was my confidence. Shopping has never been easy for me (huge boobs, short legs) but my new body shape had made everything that much more difficult. It felt like I was being slapped in the face every time I logged on a website to shop for something that made me feel better. 

In the early days of Sugar Girl, I used models who I thought looked more like the average beautiful body type. This made me feel disconnected with the brand, however. I didn't know how to sell clothes that I couldn't wear myself. I felt like a hypocrite. 

I decided, after many talks with people who love me, that I needed to model the clothes I was selling, with or without my body issues. Since then, I've been dedicated to presenting you with the clothes that make me feel good.

It is my hope that if you're anything like me, you'll find these clothes comfy and flattering like I do. And that maybe, you'll learn, as I'm learning to see my body as the perfect creation that it is.